CENTRAL LIBRARY (Library and Information Center)


Which is established in 2007 by government of Karnataka. Central library ( library and information centre) is located in attached college building 2nd & 3rd Floor. It is one of the repositories of medical knowledge and forming an integral part of the institution. It is rich in its new collection. This library starting with the closed and open access system. That use latest technology for provision of information through various services. With dedicated library staff is servicing the medical user community with the right medical information at right time.

Library Collections

  • Books available in Departmental Library.
  • Journals Details.
  • List of CDs available in the Central Library.
  • SC / ST Books .
  • Library Photos.
  • Nudi Mane Kannada Books.

Library working Hours --

Monday to Saturday – 8:00 am to 9:00pm.

Second Saturday -- 8:00 am to 1:00pm.

Number of Shift Duty -- 02

First Shift -- 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Second Shift -- 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Library building

Library and information center 1700sq ft of floor area spread over in 2nd floor and 3rd floor with provision for.

Sections Capacity

  1. Text book reference section -- 200
  2. Periodical section - 30
  3. Audio visual section - 25
  4. Digital library. Online services ( Internet. HELIENET Services & Meddlers ) E-Resource. Printing Facilities - 25
  5. Librarians office section - 02
  6. Own books reading room - 100
  7. Acquisition section

Library staff:

The library services depend on the professionals staff. A medical college library requires academically and professionally well-service- qualified staff. As the library ( Information center) is a growing organism. The number of library staff of SIMS library should be increased commensurate with the growth in the book collection budget and users.

  1. Lakshana kumar BM. -- Senior Librarian.
  2. Santhosh GS -- Deputy Librarian.
  3. Raghavendra SK -- Asst Librarian.

Others working Staff

  1. Shambhulinga SN -- Group “ D”
  2. Balakrishna H -- Group “ D”
  3. Lakshmane Gowda E - Group “ D”
  4. Supporting Staff -- 04.

Services Rendered by the library:

  1. Reference Service
  2. Bibliographic Service
  3. Circulation Service
  4. Electronic Information Service

    a. E-Journals
    b. E-books
    c. Printing
    d. Pub med
    e. MEDLARS
    f. Online Search

5. Document Delivery Services.

a. Photocopying
b. Documentation
c. Indexing and Abstracting

6. Inter Library Loan.

7.Questions Bank Services.

List of Books and Journals Available


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