Multi-Disciplinary Research Unit

Multi-Disciplinary Research Unit (MRU) is a project under the Department of Health Research / Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India. Government of India, in June 2013, approved the scheme for ‘Establishment of Multi-disciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in the Government Medical Colleges/Research Institutions’ during the 12th Plan period.

It is a path breaking initiative to develop/strengthen the health research infrastructure in the country to fulfill the newly allocated function of the Department related to “Promotion, Coordination and Development of Basic, Applied and Clinical Research

Objective of MRU


Encourage and strengthen an environment of research in medical colleges.

Bridge the gap in the infrastructure which is inhibiting health research in the Medical Colleges by assisting them to establish multidisciplinary research facilities with a view to improving the health research and health services.

To ensure the geographical spread of health research infrastructure, in order to cover un-served and under-served Medical Colleges and other institutions.

To improve the overall health status of the population by creating evidence-based application of diagnostic procedures/processes/methods.

  1. To undertake research in non-communicable diseases and other need-based research as recommended by the Local Research Advisory Committee.
  2. To promote and encourage quality medical research in the Institution.
  3. To constitute the local research committees for identifying the research priorities and projects with participation of State health system officials.