List of Research projects taken up in MRU at SIMS

Title of the projectPI & DepartmentGranting bodyStatus
Evaluation of congenital sensorineural hearing loss in patients of Malnad region visiting tertiary health care centre, Mc Gann’s teaching District hospital Shivamogga.·   Dr. Gangadhar K S- ENT Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, KarnatakaOngoing
Prediction of coronary heart disease using risk factor assessment and confirmation with the markers in diagnosed type 2 diabetic subjects with good glycemic control.·    Dr. Parameshwer S- General Medicine MRUOngoing
Clopidogrel resistance in cardiovascular diseases patients of Mc Gann’s teaching district hospital Shivamoga.·   Dr. Parameshwara S- General MedicineMRUOngoing
Association between FOXO3a gene polymorphism and susceptibility to Asthma in Shimoga.·      Dr. Mahendra M- Pulmonary Medicine/TB and ChestMRUOngoing
Prevalence of gene polymorphism with polycystic ovarian syndrome in Malnad population.· Dr. Prashanth S – OBGMRUOngoing
Single nucleotide polymorphism of the Fat mass and obesity-associated gene in Malnad region.· Dr. Nagabhushan S- General MedicineMRUOngoing
Cell adhesion molecules in Psoriasis with metabolic syndrome.Dr. Anupama YG, DermatologyMRUOngoing
Assessment of Cellular adhesion molecules (VCAM) in breast carcinoma cases.·      Dr. Ashwin Hebbar K, General SurgeryMRUOngoing
Assessment of levels of adiponectin molecules in Carcinoma patients.·      Dr. Prashanth S, OBGMRUOngoing
Study of electrophoretic pattern of serum and plasma proteins in type II Diabetes Mellitus.·      Dr. Gurupadappa K, BiochemistryMRUOngoing
Serum Osteocalcin in Post Menopausal Women.·      Dr. Gurupadappa K, BiochemistryMRUCompleted
Study of levels of different forms of osteocalcin in people on treatment with hypoglycemic agents.·      Dr. Gurupadappa K, BiochemistryMRUCompleted
Association of levels of different forms of Osteocalcin in subjects with Impaired Glucose Tolerance at tertiary health care centre in Mc Gann’s teaching District hospital Shivamogga.·    Dr. Gurupadappa K, Bio ChemistryMRUCompleted
A comparative study on the treatment of earlobe keloids with Triamcinolone acetate and Mitomycin-C in McGann’s teaching district hospital Shivamogga.·   Dr. T.D. Thimmappa- ENT MRUDiscontinued
Clinical, epidemiological and auto antibody profiles of patients with vitiligo at tertiary health care centre, Mc Gann’s teaching District hospital Shivamogga. Dr. Dadapeer H J, DermatologyMRUDiscontinued